Customer Rewards Program

Welcome to Whale Zone's customer rewards program.
The program works in a very straightforward way: you gain some reward points each time you purchase a tour with Whale Zone.
How many points exactly you will gain depends on the tour you are booking. You can find such number in the enquiry page for each particular tour.
The number of points may also vary for a single destination, depending on tour dates.
The points you accumulate as a reward translate numerically into an amount in Euro. Such amount in Euro can be discounted from the price of the next tour you book with Whale Zone.
You book a tour and gain 25 Reward points (points). Next time you book a tour with us - same destination or a different one - you will be entitled to have 25 Euro off.
When you book a new tour, you do not necessarily have to redeem the points you previously gained. You can keep accumulating them for a maximum of 1000 days, after which they expire.
Whenever you redeem your points, you will have to redeem them all.
Reward points cannot be converted into cash. They can only be redeemed as a discount on the tours offered by Whale Zone.
Reward points are personal and cannot be transferred to other people.