Privacy & Cookies

When you fill in a form in our web site in order to ask for a holiday quotation, Whale Zone Lda collects your data for the sole purpose of providing you with the requested information. We will never share your personally identifiable information with third parties.

When you are simply browsing our web site and do not fill in any forms, all we do is collect data such as number of pages visited, which cannot be traced to the identity of the user.

Whale Zone Lda may advertise its services on Google (sponsored links). To measure performance, Google uses small strings of text (known as cookies) that are placed on your computer when you click on ads. Cookies typically remain active on your computer for about 30 days.
If you visit certain pages of the advertiser's website during that period, Google and the advertiser will be able to tell that you saw the ad delivered by Google. Once again, the information is anonymous.

The content of this page is an integral part of our website's Terms & Conditions.

Whale Zone Lda keeps this page updated so that it will always reflect our current policy for privacy and use of cookies.