Blue Whale Migration - Pico Island (Azores, Portugal)

Special Whale Watching and research program


Data collected from land-based lookouts show that Blue whales start passing by the waters off Pico Island in the Azores (Portugal) earlier than other baleen whales during their northbound spring migration.
The outstanding opportunity to witness the migration of the biggest animal ever to inhabit our planet corresponds to a time of the year when weather and sea conditions on Pico Island can be at times challenging, and this is why we ask you to plan a 10-day long stay, so that you will get the most out of your dream-come-true holiday.
While the program focuses mainly on the Blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus), the list of other cetaceans you are likely to see during your stay on Pico Island is remarkably long (see tab WILDLIFE above).

While on Pico Island you will be with us while we perform the following tasks:

  • Photo identification of baleen whales
  • Collecting krill samples
  • Collecting baleen whale faecal samples for genetic analysis
  • Collecting behavioural data
The Blue Whale Migration program includes 5 scheduled trips to sea. We can guarantee 3 of these trips and, if the weather or sea conditions do not allow us to complete all the planned trips within the available time, we will replace the 2 lost trips with land-based activities. These include island tours, nature treks, birdwatching excursions and snorkelling trips.
For a two-week stay (i.e. a 4-day extension of the program) we will guarantee all 5 sea trips and, when conditions allow, offer an additional trip. If guaranteed trips cannot be undertaken, then their full price will be refunded.


4-star Hotel (double room with private facilities).
Breakfast in Hotel is included. Lunches and dinners are not included in the price.


(whales, dolphins, porpoises)


  • Cory's shearwater
  • Atlantic gull
  • Common tern


  • Loggerhead turtle
  • Leatherback turtle
29 Mar 2017 - 08 Apr 2017 684.00 CLICK HERE TO ENQUIRE   >>

How to get there

The best routes to join us on Pico Island are the following:
Your origin Lisbon (LIS), Portugal Horta (HOR) - Azores, Portugal
Your origin Lisbon (LIS), Portugal Pico (PIX) - Azores, Portugal
Price : 684 Tax Included, Flights Excluded, Double Room Occupancy. Access enquiry form for single room supplements.
  • Number of nights: 10
  • Tour Code: PIX01

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