About Whale Zone™

Whale Zone Lda is a travel agency focusing on Whale Watching holidays.
We are based on Pico Island (Azores, Portugal), which is one of the very best spots in the world in terms of diversity of species and abundance of cetaceans.

Whale Zone is owned and managed by Dania Tesei and Enrico Villa, who are also founding partners and managers of the Whale Watching company CW Azores (CetaceanWatching Lda) along with the great skipper and friend Michael Costa.

We have a first-hand experience as inbound Whale Watch operators as well as travel agents. As a result, you can count on our extensive knowledge when it comes down to guiding you around the world and meet our beloved whales and dolphins.

We know very well how to choose our partners because the job they do is exactly what we do every day in the Azores while operating our own boats, running our own centre and managing our co-workers in order to deliver customer satisfaction and add educational value to the hundreds of guests we welcome on Pico Island every year.

Unforgettable Whale Watching Holidays

Join one of our outstanding whale watching destinations and have the experience of a lifetime!

Company Owners and Managers

  • Enrico Villa

    Enrico Villa, M.Sc.

    Founding Partner & Manager

    Enrico is one of those people who took a somewhat unusual 'micro-to-macro' approach in his studies. He first got a Master's Degree in Chemistry and then started to wonder into biology, all the way to the biggest of all animals - whales.
    Enrico is a PADI certified diver and has obtained an offshore boating license that also qualifies him for sailing.
    He coordinates scientific research and the educational aspects of Whale Watching at both Whale Zone and CW Azores, a Whale Watching and diving company on Pico Island he co-founded and manages. Enrico strives to raise awareness and support wildlife conservation through his articles, public talks, radio interviews and contribution to wildlife documentaries.

  • Dania Tesei and Coda (the Newfie)

    Dania Tesei, M.Sc. (and Coda the Newfie)

    Founding Partner & Manager

    Dania got a Master's degree in chemistry and first worked as a researcher in the pharma industry for a number of years. Subsequently, she decided to follow her passion for whales and dolphins by founding CW Azores - a Whale Watching company on Pico Island, which she has now managed for almost a decade.
    She co-owns Whale Zone with her husband Enrico.
    Dania is a PADI certified diver, a very good swimmer and has obtained an offshore boating license that also qualifies her for sailing.
    Thanks to her work, thousands of people are taken out at sea to watch whales and dolphins every year in the Azores alone.