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Learn more about Cetaceans

  • Who are the Cetaceans?
    Who are the cetaceans?
    Now well adapted to life in an aquatic medium, 55 million years ago their ancestors used to walk on land.
  • Suborder Mysticeti - baleen whales
    Baleen whales are toothless cetaceans which use baleen plates to filter food out of the water.
  • Suborder Odontoceti - toothed cetaceans
    The animals belonging to this very diverse suborder have teeth and feed on one prey item at any one time.
  • Database of species
    Search among all cetacean species and sort them according to various criteria.
  • Whale and dolphin Taxonomy
    Learn more about how whales, dolphins, porpoises relate to each other.
  • Whale Zone Shop - for the real cetacean enthusiasts!
    Get recommended whale and dolphin books selected by Whale Zone, along with DVD, apparel and equipment for Whale Watching, snorkelling and diving.

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Whale Watching Destinations

Are you looking for exciting encounters with whales and dolphins in their natural environment? The team of Whale Zone is not only guiding people to some of the best Whale Watching destinations in the world; they also run a Whale Watching company themselves in the mid-Atlantic called CW Azores. Their first hand experience will make a difference to your holiday!

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Sustainable Whale and Dolphin Watching

Meet whales and dolphins respectfully in their environment

Whenever you watch whales, dolphins and porpoises from a vessel, you can actively contribute to their well being by learning more about the general rules to be followed in order not to cause distress to them.

Whale Watching Holidays with Whale Zone

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